The "lung of industry" air separation equipment is a new way of localization

Air separation equipment is a kind of equipment that uses air as raw material, converts air into liquid through compression, circulation and deep freezing, and then gradually separates and produces oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other inert gases from liquid air through distillation. It is widely used in traditional metallurgy, new coal chemical industry, large nitrogen fertilizer, professional gas supply and other fields.

The air separation unit is known as the "lung of coal chemical industry". After 2000, with the rapid growth of the demand for large and extra-large air separation equipment in China's metallurgy, petrochemical, coal chemical and other industries, the rapid development of China's air separation equipment industry has been promoted. The maximum specification of the equipment has rapidly increased from 10000 to 30000, 40000, 50000, 60000, and from 60000 to 80000 to 120000.

However, there are not many opportunities for domestic air separation enterprises to compete with international giants in the bidding of large air separation equipment.

Before 2010, the large domestic industrial gas air separation units were basically occupied by foreign giants. Among the domestic air separation industry, Hang Yang was the leading enterprise. The first set of air separation units was conquered from 30000 to 60000 to 80000, and then to 100000. Each attack of Hang Yang was the first set in China.

On the Shenhua Baotou coal-to-olefin project in 2011, four 60000 units (nearly 1 billion yuan) developed by Hang Yang Company were successfully put into operation, marking that the domestic air separation industry has possessed the R&D capacity of large units.