Small skid-mounted scientific research equipment is a neon helium, krypton and xenon - "gold" gas extraction device independently designed and developed by Hang Yang, mainly including crude krypton and xenon, refined krypton and xenon, crude neon and refined neon and helium series equipment, and colleagues have developed mobile skid-mounted equipment. The design structure is exquisite, the unit energy consumption is low, and the extraction rate is high. In 2014, the first set of krypton and xenon developed by Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Quzhou krypton and xenon were successfully started at one time. In 2016, the development and operation of the electronic carbon dioxide purification equipment of Yueyang Kaimeite was completed. The development of rare gas extraction equipment has reached the leading level in similar domestic devices. The company has developed dust-free manufacturing process package technology to provide technical and technological support for precision equipment manufacturing. The noble gas filling device has been upgraded. The new generation of filling device is semi-automatic, with complete functions and beautiful appearance, and is deeply loved by users.